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ALEKS Implementation Project

  • ALEKS implementation project:
    • During the summer of 2013, coordinated efforts with CLAS, ACES, ENGG, and Business to implement Math Placement Assessment (MPA) ALEKS.
    • Over 4000 students took ALEKS placement test in Fall 2013.
    • Coordinated efforts with regional campuses on implementation of ALEKS.
    • Coordinated data integration efforts for evaluation of efficiency of the ALEKS placement test with three large courses Math 1060, Math 1131 and Math 1132.
    • Analyzed data and presented the finding to the ALEKS steering committee, department and Admissions.
    • Worked with UITS and Registrar office on implementation of prerequisite in PeopleSoft administration system.
    • Created a bank of frequently asked questions for students, instructors and administrators in the University.
  • Data Analysis for Placement using ALEKS
    • The department of Mathematics at University of Connecticut offers courses each semester in differential and integral calculus to its students. Currently, the students particularly incoming freshmanare not administered a placement test that would place them in the appropriate course. In the past few years it has been seen that these courses have unusually high rates of students getting grades in Ds, Fs and Ws (withdraw). To investigate usually high DFW rates, following steps have been taken. A pretest was designed and administered to all the students in Math 1125 Calculus 1a and Math 1131 (regular calculus).Data was requested from OIR for seven years starting from Fall 2005 to Fall 2011.Demographic data on students with SAT scores, High school GPA, gender, AP score etc is being used to conduct predictive analysis.Linear regression will be used to determine predictors that explain most variation in the data (grades in calculus courses).The analysis will give a base line of student performance over the last three years. This will allow the University and the department of mathematics to evaluate the success of implementing a placement program such as ALEKS.
  • For more information on the ALEKS placement test at UConn, please visit the Placement Website