Conference Talks

  • Fabiana Cardetti and Amit Savkar, “Pedagogy in large lectures and the age of digital media: Keep up or be left out!” presented at JMM Boston, Massachusetts January 2012
  • Amit Savkar, Fabiana Cardetti, “Calculus in large lectures: Pedagogy through technology” Presented at JMM New Orleans, Louisiana January 2011.
  • Erin Terwilleger Mullen, Amit Savkar, “A comparison of two paths in college level calculus”  Presented at JMM New Orleans, Louisiana. January 2011.
  • A.A Savkar, K.D. Murphy, and M.R. Begley, “Initiation of stick release via dynamic excitation in stiction failed MEMS devices.” Poster Materials Research Society, Symposium R, Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, November 29-December 3, 2004.

Outside of UConn

  • Cengage Math and Statistics Conference: Panelist to discuss best strategies in mathematics. New Orleans February 2015.Placement exam – Is it necessary and what does it tell us?, WebAssign User Group North Carolina, June 2015.
  • Faculty Advisory Board (WebAssign) June 2014, January 2015 Panel discussion on Developmental Mathematics and ALEKS, NewYork, NYC, February 2014, McGraw Hill publications.
  • Placement, Knowledge gap, and assessment: Common challenges for University educators, Central Michigan University, Jan 2015.
  • Pedagogy through Technology: A challenge through changing times, Teaching Seminar, University of Delaware, Newark, 17th October 2013.
  • Instruction and Intervention through technology, Key Note talk at WebAssign User Group Meeting Raleigh NC, June 27 2013.
  • Technology to the rescue! Homogeneous integration without intimidation. Break out session, WebAssign User Group Meeting Raleigh NC, June 28 2013.
  • Past Present and Future: Pitfalls and opportunities in Engineering and Mathematics in US Universities, Invited talk at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, January 14th 2013.
  • Panel discussion on use of clickers to collect data. iClicker conference Chicago 25th October 2012.
  • Panel discussion on Effective use of technology in classrooms. WebAssign User group conference, Raleigh,  June 22nd 2012.
  • Panel discussion on Improving Outcomes through Technology, Pearson Publication, 20th April 2012.

Talks at UConn

  • Data Integration and Assessment System (DIAS) (February 2015) S.I.G.M.A Department of Mathematics, University of Connecticut.
  • Mapping Learning Objectives to Student Performance through Data Integration and An Assessment System, Math and Science Education CLAS conference University of Connecticut.
  • “ALEKS – Placing students and beyond”, University of Connecticut Department of Mathematics S.I.G.M.A seminar, March 7th  2014.
  • Teaching math courses online, Colloquium talk, Department of Mathematics, October 11th 2012, by Steven Pon and Amit Savkar.
  • Expert witness in a course “Statistical reasoning in Law” by Mark Myers, July 2012.
  • “Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues in Engineering “, University of Connecticut, Department of Mathematics, Math Club, 7th March 2012.
  • “Tools of the trade in large lecture calculus instruction”, University of Connecticut Department of Mathematics S.I.G.M.A seminar, October 28th 2011.
  • Panel discussion on Calculus Summit, Wiley Calculus Summit, Hoboken NJ, September 9th 2011
  • “Utilizing Interactive Powerpoint and Clicker (PRS) in the Calculus Classroom Pedagogy through technology”, Changing times, Changing students in calculus, Camden County College Blackwood NJ, 18th February 2011
  • “Calculus at University of Connecticut Pedagogy through Technology”, Experiencing Mathematics Workshop, Pearson, Boston Ma, 4th February 2011.
  • “Large Lectures in Calculus: A Challenge for Teaching and Research” University of Connecticut Department of Mathematics November Fall 2010, by Amit Savkar and Fabiana Cardetti.
  • “Pedagogy of large lectures” University of Connecticut Early College Experience Math Workshop May 2010 University of Connecticut.
  • “Pedagogy through Technology” Brown bag seminar at the Institute of Teaching and Learning at the University of Connecticut Feb 2010
  • “Pedagogy through Technology” Workshop for Winter Teaching Institutes Storrs 2010 Faculty Development Programs, Institute of Teaching and Learning at the University of Connecticut.