Math 1071 Summer Online

Textbook, Homework and WebAssign:

Textbook: Calculus, Applications and Technology, 3rd Edition by Edmond C. Tomastik , bundled with Webassign code. You must buy the bundle to be able to access the homework online through WebAssign.

You can buy the book here.
Homework: There will be homework assignments for each section of the text. Each assignment will be made available on several days before the section is covered in class. The due date for each assignment will be set by your instructor and will generally be two or three days after the material is covered in class.You will get 5 attempts to answer each none multiple choice question and two attempts for each multiple choice question. After each attempt, you will be told whether your answer is correct or not. If you are not able to get the correct answer after your initial attempts, we recommend that you seek help from your instructor, the Q-Center, a tutor, or another student.

Quizzes: There will be a quiz on each homework assignment. These quizzes will be timed assignments on Webassign and will generally be due one day after the homework assignment. There may be additional quizzes in the discussion sections.
WebAssign: The homework for Math 1071 is assigned online using the online home work system WebAssign. You can access your homework through Husky CT.

Calculators: You can use TI 82,83, 83plus, 84, 84 plus, 86. You will not be allowed to use TI -89 and above models during the exam.




Homework     Webassign   10%
Quizzes     Webassign   10%
Discussion Board     Husky CT   5%
Exam 1: (Thursday June 8, 10am -Noon EDT, ARJ 143), at Storrs     Common exam   20%
Exam 2: (Tuesday June 20, 10am -Noon EDT, ARJ 143), at Storrs     Common exam   20%
Final Exam: (Friday June 30, 10am -Noon EDT, ARJ 143), at Storrs     Common Exam   35%


Modules Topics
Module 1 1.1 Functions
1.2 Mathematical Models
1.3 Exponential Models
1.4 Combination of Functions
1.5 Logarithms
3.1 Limits
3.2 Rates of Change.
3.3 The Derivative
4.1 Derivatives of Powers, Exponents, Sums
4.2 Derivatives of Products and Quotients
June 8 Exam 1
Module 2 4.3 Chain Rule
4.4 Derivtives of Exponential and Logarithm Fucntions
4.5 Elasticity of Demand
5.1 First Derivative
5.2 Second Derivative
5.3 Limits at Infinity
5.4 Curve Sketching
5.5 Absolute Extrema
June 20 Exam 2
Module 3  5.6 Optimization
5.8 Implicit Differentiation Implicit Differentiation
6.1 Antiderivatives
6.2 Substitution
6.4 Definite integral
6.5 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
6.6 Area Between Curves.
June 30 Finals