Help on WebAssign and Husky CT

WebAssign and Husky CT Training:


Friday, August 22, 2014

 10.00am – Noon

WebAssign Training in MSB 109 Math 2110 (Multivariable Calculus)

 1:00  –  3:00 p.m.

WebAssign Training in E2 (Engineering II) Rm. 306 for MATH  1070 & 1071 & 1132

(bring Net ID and password)

3:00  –  5:00 p.m.

WebAssign Training in E2 (Engineering II) Rm. 306 for MATH 1060 & 1131

(bring Net ID and password)

Video on how to link WebAssign Homework and Husky CT

Frequently Asked questions by students.

  • Husky CT
    • I cannot see  my course in husky CT what do I do?
    • I registered for the class today, I cannot see my course in Husky CT?
    • For these questions direct student to
  • WebAssign
    • Invalid log in?
      • This message is because of you are using either Internet Explorer or Safari.
      • Solution: Use Firefox or Google Chrome
    • WebAssign is asking me to put a class key?
      • It should not ask you any CLASS KEY. This means you are using  either Internet Explorer or Safari.
      • Or you google WebAssign and went to their site and are trying to login from there site. This will not work.
        Soln: Use Husky CT to login to WebAssign.
    • I entered a access code but WebAssign still asks for one?
      • Check your access code again.
      • If you brought the book from anywhere other than UConn coop or the publishers website, you would not have the correct access code.
      • If you brought a used book and need a code you will need to purchase the book again, or just the code from WebAssign.
      • Any question regarding WebAssign, contact the following.
        WebAssign Help
        Phone number 800-955-8275