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UConn Research Articles

Presentations made and articles written internal to UConn.

  1. Report on Math 1131Q (Calculus 1) for Fall 2013 Math1131Fall2013ALEKSReport
  2. Report on Math 1060Q (Pre-Calculus) for Fall 2013 Math1060Fall2013ALESKreport
  3. ALEKS Placing students and beyond, S.I.G.M.A Seminar 2014 SIGMA_2014_ALEKS_Amit
  4. DFW Report on math 1125 DFWReport
  5. Tools of the trade in large lecture instruction,  S.I.G.M.A Seminar 2010 SigmaTalkNov2010
  6. Quantitative analysis of student performance in Calculus 1 FinalProject
  7. Self efficacy and content knowledge of students in sequence and series – factor analysis and instrument design finalpaper