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Calculus 3 Visualizations

Visualizations for Multivariable & Vector Calculus

Left-click and drag to rotate pictures. Right-click and drag to pan. Use the scroll wheel (or zoom gesture on touch screen) to zoom.

 Chapter 12

Section 12.1: 3D Coordinate Systems

Section 12.2: Vectors

Section 12.3: The Dot Product

Section 12.4: The Cross Product

Section 12.5:  Equations of Lines & Planes

Section 12.6:  Cylinders & Quadric Surfaces

 Chapter 13

Section 13.1: Vector Functions & Space Curves

Section 13.3: Arc Length & Curvature

 Chapter 14

Section 14.1: Functions of Several Variables

Section 14.3: Partial Derivatives

Section 14.4: Tangent Planes & Linear Approximations

Section 14.6: Directional Derivatives & the Gradient Vector

Section 14.7: Maximum & Minimum Values

 Chapter 15

Section 15.1: Double Integrals over Rectangles

Section 15.7: Triple Integrals in Cylindrical Coordinates

Section 15.8: Triple Integrals in Spherical Coordinates

 Chapter 16

Section 16.1: Vector Fields

Section 16.2: Line Integrals

Section 16.6: Parametric Surfaces & Their Areas

 Old Materials (Spring 2016)

Older course materials can be found here.


Created by Amit Savkar | Programmed by David Nichols